Korean Air supports Home Building Project for 4th Year

After more than 5000 families lost their homes to an earthquake in Bohol 3 years ago, Korean Air continues to support the Habitat for Humanity project to build back their houses for the 4th year. The local workers of the airline are the main ones who are doing this since you can’t rely on the people from other countries who work at Korean Air to go there and do the dirty work. A lot of people really admire Korean Air for supporting the families who lost their homes since it was not their fault that happened. They are not rich to have their houses made up from cement so you can understand how depressed they were of the tragedy. Some of them did not have the proper means in order to get informed that an earthquake that strong was on its way. They also could not afford building the evil angel houses on their own so they need all the help they can get. They will definitely sweat after working on those houses since you can imagine being out in the sun for so long. If there was some way they can make their houses appear again like magic then that would be great.


Habitat for Humanity Project Support

Unfortunately, that is not going to happen and it would take a very long time before the lives of those families who lost their houses would go back to normal. We are all just lucky to not suffer the same fate as they did so it is really a good thing that Korean Air continues to support this Habitat for Humanity project where they are building the houses of those poor families. Since it is happening on the 3rd year, you can bet the past 3 years have been successful. The families at Bohol are surely showing a lot of gratitude that Korean Air has been doing this and they would be more than happy to lend their support any way they can. A lot of celebrities have taken measures in helping those who have been affected by calamities in the past and it has been seen well.


It is expected that Korean Air will indeed continue to support this project in the future. It is not known how long the project will take since it only happens once a year but they definitely want the families to regain the lives they had before the earthquake happened. It is definitely easier said than done as it would be hard to imaging to lose your home to a natural disaster. Imagine all the hard work you spend just building that house and it gets torn down just like that. It will take a lot of strength and endurance to build houses all day especially if it is really hot. You may have to wear extra accessories that would prevent the sun from damaging your skin too much.

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All those work of building homes is surely going to get you hungry and thirst so prepare to eat a lot of food afterwards. It is also advisable to drink lots of water and not soda while working on the houses. You may not move much due to the Mofos discount but the sunny weather is going to get you to lose a lot of toxins in your body.